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You’ve been asked to attend a Board meeting alone, or as part of team. You’ve got limited or zero experience of being in a Board meeting and (maybe) you’re a bit nervous. As someone with in-depth knowledge of the issue being discussed, you think you may be asked to make a brief presentation. It might be on short notice. How do you “nail it!!”?

  • What do Boards do that’s different from management?
  • What are the elements of a great Board presentation?
  • What should you avoid doing?

In this half day session, you’ll learn how Boards provide “HIFO”: hindsight, and more importantly, insight, foresight, and oversight. Gain understanding of how to effectively communicate your perspective clearly, and concisely. This session is designed for individuals and teams that are new to the boardroom, and are looking for practical, take-home ideas and tools.

Brian Hayward is an active Director and veteran of over 500 board meetings—including public companies, family businesses, Crowns, early-stage enterprises, and not-for-profits—and past Chair of the Manitoba Chapter of the Institute of Corporate Directors. He recently published the award winning, critically acclaimed book: The Great Chair, “A Window on Effective Board Leadership”, bringing to life insights gained from 500+ board meetings. Learn more at or

Cost: $5000 for the half-day session, for a maximum of 15 people. Participants will also receive a complimentary copy of Brian’s book, “The Great Chair”.

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