Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

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Business Objective

To provide impactful business management and technology consulting services that facilitate the development and commercialization of existing and new technologies and business systems with a focus on advanced manufacturing and the green economy. Projects of interest are those that make a real difference to economic growth, social enterprise and the environment.

Strategic and Business Planning Services

Honger Innovations and its Associates have established a Business Management System that, at its onset, guides businesses and organizations through a strategic planning process to set clear direction, goals and plans to ensure success. Working closely with the organization’s management, staff, its customers and key stakeholders, a full understanding of critical components of past performance and future vision and expectations is created and, together, this information is translated into one or more of the following deliverables based on each client’s requirements: Strategic Plan, Business Model, Business Plan, Implementation Plan.

Timing and pricing are project dependent and is provided in the form of a proposal/contract agreement once the client requirements are understood.

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